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Approval of too many developments above the size limits could legally invalidate the limits themselves, and yet Council continue to make such approvals at blistering speed. The pro-development Randwick City Council (RCC) may be set to give developers open slather on building heights and building bulk.

In addition, the current approvals appear to contradict the case law.

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Randwick City Council has approved many large scale developments recently and is moving to further increase population density and allow multi-storey tower blocks to be built in many locations. While the area already experiences a higher population density than most areas Australia-wide, council appears to be pushing a pro-development agenda without regard for our choked motorways, limited public transport and at-capacity street parking and lifestyle.


The recent 'Randwick Education and Health Specialised Centre Discussion Paper', which proposes rezoning areas for higher density to allow 24m high residential buildings while giving priority to pedestrians and bicycles, along with the approval of 117 units on the 'Nissan Site' in the same area, and a separate application for 800-900 dwellings at the Inglis stables have forced locals into action.

Above - The latest from Crazy Randwick Guy as he does everything he can to encourage development and sell off the area.

We can no longer sit back and watch our suburbs and lifestyles destroyed in the name of profit and greed. The following are the current elements of our campaign:

Awareness: Locals have produced fantastic SaveRandwick banners (left) to help spread awareness. The banners, this website, our Facebook page, posters, media attention, and working with local Precincts and local businesses will help spread awareness to these issues.

Petition: We have an active petition and have already collected many signatures at events such as The Spot Festival and the State Election. See photos on our Petition page.

Influence: We will continue to lobby councilors and politicians to gain support and to encourage those in power to make a stand against overdevelopment.

Accountability: We will publish council actions and decisions on our website to provide a level of accountability and transparency. Any actions (whether deliberate or not) that could mislead the public will be noted on our website.