Verified Approved New Dwellings Randwick City Council (2005 to date)


Randwick City Council looks to have already met the target of 8,400 new dwellings (set by the previous State Government) for the Randwick City Council area by 2031, in less than 1/3rd of the time!! Our count up until early 2013 was over 6,000 dwellings, since then thre have been thousands more approved.

As this only includes dwellings we have been able to verify, Randwick Council said it would publish a list when it released the "residential area' discussion paper, but they changed the goalposts with a highly simplified table of development approvals which had been constructed.  Incredible they think we would fall for this trick.

Did you know Council DOES NOT KEEP TRACK of how many new dwellings they approve?  CRAZY??

Certainly.  CONVENIENT - You bet.  Do you think that if you don't know how many you've approved then it makes it easier to keep approving?


Please see part of our list of the development applications approved since 2005 to 2012at the 'Residential Area Changes

This is only what we have identified, arranged by street order.  Email us of any others you are aware of and we will investigate and update the list.



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